Shopathon: Helping Create an Aids Free Generation

This season, add ‘hope’ to your shopping list.

Want to make a difference this holiday season? Check out (SHOPATHON)RED, a holiday shopping extravaganza to fight AIDS, stocked with great limited edition (RED) products and chances to win once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences. The best part—every dollar you spend helps provide HIV-positive mothers with the lifesaving medication they need to deliver healthy HIV-free babies. So join us Nov 22-Dec 31 in turning this season’s shopping into tomorrow’s AIDS free generation.

This season, add ‘Hope’ to your shopping list.

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We’re donating $1 towards (RED)’s fight against AIDS (up to $1 million) on behalf of every customer who makes a purchase using their Bank of America® card with Apple Pay this link opens in a new window.® from Dec 1 through seventh. Click to read footnote

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The fight against aids

See how far we've come to ending this terrible disease for good.

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Bank of America and (RED)
Bank of America and (RED)

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