You Pledged. You Ran. You Made A Difference.

Bank of America, (RED)® and Nike put you to the challenge, and you delivered. By Turning Your Miles (RED), runners and walkers alike took millions and millions of steps that can get us one step closer to ending AIDS.

Your steps raised over $550,000 for (RED). To thank you for your extraordinary efforts, Bank of America will raise the total donation amount to $1,000,000 for (RED)’s fight against AIDS.

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Together, You’ve Contributed Over 1.4 Million Miles Bringing Us One Step Closer To An Aids Free Generation

An AIDS Free Generation Is Within Our Grasp.

Twenty cents. That’s all it takes to provide pregnant mothers with one day of lifesaving HIV/AIDS medication. When HIV-positive mothers are given access to antiretroviral medication, in 95% of cases she does not pass on HIV to her baby. Which means, thanks to all the miles you turned (RED), we’re that much closer to ending the cycle once and for all.

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We’ve Donated $1,000,000, Which Can Provide 2,500,000 Days Worth Of Lifesaving Medicine

When it comes to the fight against AIDS, we still have a long way to go. But with your helpFootnote *, we can get one step closer to ending it for good.

Bank of America and (RED)

Bank of America and (RED)